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Here's the deal: We respect your privacy. And that's not something we say with crossed fingers behind our back. Full disclosure, however...



Audible Gasp! Send out the hounds! Arrest these miscreants!

No, please don't send out the hounds. For one, we are excellent with animals and will befriend your attack dogs. Two, we collect your data because you'll be knowingly giving it to us or one of the organizations we work with. You see that submission form at the bottom of the page to sign up for the newsletter? Yeah, duh, we'll be recording the email you give to us. But! Here's the important part: We'll never share or sell your private data to anyone. Not a single corporate soul. And certainly not for any sum of money, even if we really really really need it. Pinky swear. Yeah, that's how serious we are. Pinky Swear.

We also collect what you might call "browsing data". But don't worry, all we're looking at is how you interact with our website. I don't think we could spy on your weird airline barf bag collection habits on eBay if we wanted to.

If you're still wearing your tin foil hat, well then close this browser window and go about your day. We promise nothing bad will happen. Pinky Swear.

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