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New Arrivals!

Last week saw the welcome addition of eight beautiful dogs and three felines to our family of critters. Thank you to Mutt Mutt Transport, who left South Carolina on October 9th with the animals to arrive on the 10th with only one sleep over! That's a heck of a drive!

With that, our kennels are teaming with life! And thank God, too, because all these new arrivals didn't have a life ahead of them in their previous shelters, to say the least. We are so happy to continue on the legacy of Fay's love of animals, and her dedication to maintaining a no-kill animal sanctuary so these critters can live to see another loving home.

Head over to our adoption page to see pictures of the pets we currently have at Contented Critters. And if you can't own a pet, but would like to help continue our mission to provide sanctuary for them, please consider donating to our cause by clicking on Donate Today! in the menu up top.

Thank you everyone for your valuable time and patronage. You keep the dream, and so many loving pets, alive and well.

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