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Spring/ Summer update!

May is here, which means CONSTRUCTION TIME!!!

As announced in the past, the Makinen facility is closed for good. We have now moved to Ely. The next few months are going to be different at Contented Critters. We are finally renovating the building that we’ve been using for the winter and putting our new facility together.

The inside of the Morton building with be completely cleared out. Plumbing will be put in. New walls will be built to have a cat room, an office, an adoption room, a bathroom, and a large room for all of our dog kennels. We will also be putting together a large play area outside for the dogs to have a lot of room to run free.

Our kennels for our cats and dogs have been ordered through Shoreline and are expected to arrive around mid to late September. Our capacity will be changing from this winter from 5 dogs to 14 and our cats from 8 to 14.

We will continue to take in animals that we have contracts with and try to take in animals that we can place with fosters. We can still potentially take in surrenders; however, it may be a longer for intake, as we will need to find foster placement.

We will be putting a hold on taking in food for animals, as we do not want it to go to waste (we are very well stocked up on food). If you do have food that you’d like to donate, we recommend donating it to the surrounding shelters, Mesabi Humane Society or Range Regional Animal Rescue.

We are SO excited to start this process and be able to take in more animals this fall. All the money raised that was supposed to go towards the new Makinen facility will go towards the Ely Facility. We still have quite a large amount to reach, the Shoreline kennels was our biggest expense so far--they cost around $80,000.

If you are interested in donating to our new shelter facility, you can mail it to:

Contented Critters

PO BOX 444

Forbes, MN 55738

We will be having summer fundraisers soon, so please watch our website for updates.

We will also be searching for volunteers this summer for certain things so please continue to watch our page.


If you have any questions, please email us!


- Hailey Worth

Executive Director

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