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Welcome to all our new subscribers!

Over the last week or so we've received so many new subscribers, and it really warms our hearts to know that so many of you care. If you're subscribing at the direction of the our latest paper mailing, we truly thank you for wishing to continue this relationship with us!

In previous years we've sent out newsletters through paper mail to hundreds of subscribers. Paper mail is pretty expensive, however, with the printing and postage costs, and usually requires a team to stuff envelopes. To an ordinary business, a couple hundred dollars may be nothing, but to us it means food for the animals and heat in the shelter. With that in mind, and with how widespread technology is these days, we decided to go completely electronic with our newsletters.

So, for all of you who've subscribed, within the next week you can expect our new and improved fancy electronic newsletter of the 21st century!

Thank you again for everyone's participation here and on our Facebook page. You guys are the life force of Contented Critters!

- Robert Kreegier, Treasurer

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